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An ode to the weather man…

I would like to propose this to the weather man/lady or Climatologist, well the person that relays the weather forecast every day at 19:30.

I think they should dumb-down the weather forecast. I think that they should change the unit of measurement from Celsius to ‘Jersey’, ‘Jacket’ or ‘Blanket’.

I mean it makes sense to me to do it that way because then everyone would understand how cold, or warm it really is outside. Then they won’t have to take a wild guess on what to wear before they go outside.

Imagine if the forecast was done this way:

"Good evening, my name is Simon Gear and here is you weather forecast for tomorrow.  It’s going to be a bit chilly in Pretoria, so wear two jerseys and you’ll be just fine."

"Over here in Bethlehem the Mercury will be quite low, so wear two jackets just to be on the safe side.”

"Well, if you are planning on going to Bloemfontein tomorrow wear three jackets and take an extra one just in case, because a cold front will be moving easterly past there."

"And Johannesburg won’t be as cold as of the areas in the country so a single jersey will be more than you need for your Thursday."

"That’s it from the weather desk, good night folks."

This is more understandable than 12°C or 18°C.

I think this will make most people’s lives easier and will will increase productivity tenfold.

Reblog if you agree with me.

P.S. I’m only kidding. This was just a random thought I got. Celsius stays. And if they change it should change to 'Mookzilla'.

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